While doing this video the main thing I struggled was with previewing inside After Effects. A common bug while ram preview popped up continuously saying “RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames”. This happened in my laptop and also in several computers at Swin so after all my concern of only being my Mac wasn’t that big. After reading several threads about the problems I think the bug happens when you are using audio in AE. So not having a good preview made my process of timing really slow and usually off so I tried rendering quite often to see how I was going.

I traced several vectors in Illustrator and that took some time but worth it. Much easier than inside AE. But my main issue was choosing what to do. Struggled finding something for just 30 secs. So I remembered this movie called “Love Actually” where at some point a guy fells in love with his best friends new wife and, because its Christmas decides to tell her how he feels with cue cards. That part of the movie I tried to make it kinetic typo and had to chunk a couple of the cue cards due to the time frame.

Anyway enjoy!