For our second assignment we have to do a visual effects 15-30 sec video. I wanted to do a falling off a building, and as we were starting to film we were trying to use the portable green screen from the faculty but it was too small to fit all of my body in it.
We thought of doing just a shootout battle in a kind of silly way just using our fingers. We used the markII which makes amazing footage (and for the green screen we used the viewfinder which was of great help) but since the planning for this was very late and we spent the daylight inside filming green screen shots, (very good planning btw) so when we went to shoot an exterior it got pretty dark so we decided to shoot it again.

This time I already had the shots written down and visualized them in my mind so the planning was better and the shooting went smooth.

For this project I decided to edit in Final Cut Pro X, a software that I haven’t used a lot, so I wanted to get to know it better. It’s pretty simple to use and there are many tutorials online so I got a better understanding of the program. I first went through all of the footage and made a rough cut so I didn’t have to make compositing of the whole footage. Had to leave some pretty interesting shots, that can be cool for the extended version, due to the time limit and to try to build a story.

First I did the head explosion because I thought that would be the most complicated part but was pretty straight through. I filmed a plate for the background of the head explosions but, I didn’t realized that for the final shots we moved the camera so I decided to not use it and instead just use a freeze frame. I got into a problem while masking my head because a car passed in the back so I had to made another layer with a different freeze frame to mask out frame by frame that car.

After that I added some already matted blood and muzzle fire with a linear wipe effect to feather it and make it appear in a more realistic way. After I was kind of happy with the final product. I started adding the muzzle fire to match the “piu” sound that simulated the firing of a gun. All the muzzle fire I turned it into add in their respective blending modes to give a glow and transparency reflected in the elements around it. Since it was almost all still shots, I didn’t have to do a lot of tracking, just some manual tracking for some muzzles during the use of a slider.

I did a color correction within After Effects, and then tried to do it in Final Cut Pro but in the end I preferred the one I did in AE so I stuck to that. And then come with the idea of making the camera shake when my mate Idar fell into the ground so I tried using wiggler but couldn’t control it as I can so I remembered that in a couple of tutes they add the wiggler effect directly in the element with numerical values and an effects slider so I did it that way and felt quite contempt with that effect.

In the end I did the title graphics trying to settle an idea in the beginning and to keep the same style and go back to that first graphic idea (text colors, shadows and 3d positioning).

It was a straight forward job but time consuming. While rendering some glitches appear in my final video so I had to rendered it several times which made the process a little tedious (like creating green frames or adding black frames at the beginning and end). I tried an interesting feature to quickly share your editions through final cut directly to vimeo but in the end it never worked with my username so I did it the conventional way.

* Just a side note the music shortly used was from the final cut library as well.