Testing the canon cameras from Swinburne library we filmed something to do cloning and freezing in case our main project assignment didn’t work. Anyways here it’s the first one.


In this video there are a couple of examples regarding tracking. The first example show how the built in 2d tracker works. In previous versions I usually used it first for stabilizing. But with the now built in warp stabilizer that tool works a lot better. A text following the motion of a common block through the escalators.

In the second example I tried the 3D motion tracker which I haven’t used before. I have seen the 3D motion tracker from the foundry and it works pretty well. With the built in one I can say it works ok. Could place some text but the tracking points I felt it was a little bit difficult to modify freely. So basically in this second example its just a pretend time freeze with some text added to the 3D camera tracking

Here is an example of how cloning can be achieved with the compositing of different takes and some masking. I struggled with matching the lighting even though it was filmed in the same shot (pretty much it wasn’t the best illuminated place to work). Also made a little time remap to make a quick pan movement so that the paning wouldn’t be very long. Tried to match different takes but since there was some tripod movement it was very difficult to match so I decided to stick with the firs take.


Hi here is a great example of visual effects and cgi. It has a whole team behind it and took a lot of postproduction but has a great outcome. Won an emmy by the way.

Different Scenes, different Gradings. Learning how to match the color correction.


While doing this video the main thing I struggled was with previewing inside After Effects. A common bug while ram preview popped up continuously saying “RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames”. This happened in my laptop and also in several computers at Swin so after all my concern of only being my Mac wasn’t that big. After reading several threads about the problems I think the bug happens when you are using audio in AE. So not having a good preview made my process of timing really slow and usually off so I tried rendering quite often to see how I was going.

I traced several vectors in Illustrator and that took some time but worth it. Much easier than inside AE. But my main issue was choosing what to do. Struggled finding something for just 30 secs. So I remembered this movie called “Love Actually” where at some point a guy fells in love with his best friends new wife and, because its Christmas decides to tell her how he feels with cue cards. That part of the movie I tried to make it kinetic typo and had to chunk a couple of the cue cards due to the time frame.

Anyway enjoy!